FAW Tier two league formed in 1990
Last season 2019

Huws Gray Cup rules


In addition to the League Championship, a Cup competition may be organised and every team must enter. Contract and non contract players will be permitted in all cup competitions with the rules as follows:

 1.The entire control and management of the cup competitions shall be vested in the Management Committee of the Huws Gray Cymru Alliance.

 2. Teams will abide by the kit colours of the league. Should there be a clash of colours the away team must change colours Should both clubs concerned in the semi - final or final ties have similar colours, then both clubs must change unless amicably agreed otherwise.

3. A player taking part in the Huws Gray Cup must be a registered as per FAW player registration rules registration rules. In the case of a postponed or abandoned matches, only those players shall be allowed to play who were eligible on the original conference date. If at any time and because of circumstances beyond the control of the League Management Committee, it is found not possible to play a postponed or abandoned match within four weeks of the original conference date, players registered at least seven days prior to the date of the rescheduled fixture will be eligible to play.

4. No individual shall play for more than one competing team during the season in such cup competitions. A player who has taken part in a league cup tie for a team operating in the “higher league” system shall not be eligible to play in ties in the Huws Gray Cup. The interpretation of "higher league" will be determined by the Management Committee, it necessary. The only exception being a player who has represented a Huws Gray Alliance club in a higher league competition in a current season

5. Three from five named substitute players may be used as the laws of the game. A fourth sub may be used in extra time

6. If the Management Committee have any doubts as to the qualification of any player competing in this competition, it shall have power to call upon such player. or the club to which he belongs or for which he played, to prove to the satisfaction of the Committee that he is properly qualified according to the rules. Failing such satisfactory proof, the Committee shall have power to disqualify such player and remove such club from the competition or take such action as deemed expedient.

8. When a match has ended in a draw, an extra half an hour must be played (i.e.15 minutes each way extra time). If the result is still a draw, the winner shall be determined by a series of kicks from the penalty spot in the International Board recommended procedures.

9. In the event of any clubs drawn together in any tie failing to keep its engagement within the appointed time, they shall be adjudged to have lost the tie and shall be fined the sum not exceeding £200.00 maximum, unless a reason deemed to be satisfactory is given to them Management Committee.

10. In each tie, including the semi- final, the games shall be played on the ground of the club first drawn unless mutually arranged and the consent of the Management Committee is obtained. Except by mutual consent, it shall not be permitted for any club to select any other ground. If a cup tie is postponed on two occasions the game will be switched to the team drawn second in any said tie. A game postponed by the league will not count as one of the two postponements

11. The match officials in all cup competitions shall not belong to either of the competing clubs. If for any cause the match is not played and the officials have travelled, they shall be paid half their fee in addition to their expenses. No member of the League Committee shall be appointed as match official. The Referee shall have powers to disqualify any player's) for misbehaviour during the match and no substitutesfor him (them) shall be allowed.

12. All questions of eligibility, qualification o f competitors or interpretation of the rules or laws of the game shall be referred to the Management Committee whose decision shall be final. Should any club in connection with any dispute or protest have a member on the above committee, the said member shall not be eligible to consider the dispute or protest. No protest relative to the playing surface, goal posts or bars or other appurtenances of the game shall be entertained by the Committee unless it is laid with the Referee before the commencement of the game, nor shall any protest relative to the interpretation of the rule or laws of the game be entertained unless laid with the Referee on or before the conclusion of the match. Such protest may be made verbally but must be handed to the Referee in writing before he has left the ground or dressing room. A written notice of such protest(s) and two copies the report must be lodged with the Secretary within two days (Sundays and Bank Holidays excepted) after the conclusion of the match within which time, a protest against the eligibility of any player may also be lodged. The sum of twenty - five pounds sterling (£25.00) must be deposited with the League Secretary, together with all such protests