FAW Tier two league formed in 1990
Last season 2019

Welsh Premier League

The Welsh Premier League was born out of political necessity in 1992. Welsh football had lost a (British) championship and not yet found a role. This situation was being exploited in FIFA circles by African and Asian nations who resented the independent status of the four British associations, and who saw the participation of the senior Welsh clubs in English football as a contradiction of that status. The problems set by local geography and the economy, together with the presence of its powerful English neighbour, had prevented Wales forming its own national championship until the F.A. of Wales took the initiative and founded the League of Wales.

The twenty original members were drawn on a roughly equal basis from all parts of the country, and from the Welsh League and Cymru Alliance League in particular, Bangor and Newtown joining from the Northern Premier League. The inaugural season's champions were Cwmbran Town, who thus became the first Welsh club to play in the European Champions' Cup. The runners-up were Inter Cardiff, who finished in the same position in the following season when Bangor City won the first of their back-to-back titles. Barry Town won the next four championship titles. They had returned from English football and owner Neil O'Halloran had made them the first league club to be full-time professionals.